Biblical Counselling and the Local Church

In this interview, I sit down with Dr Andrew Collins – NHS Consultant Psychiatrist and Biblical Counsellor – to discuss the connection between counselling and the church and how local churches can grow in their use and appreciation of biblical counselling.

  • What is Biblical Counselling? – 00:48
  • Is Biblical Counselling only for the most severe problems in the church? – 2:00
  • Is Biblical Counselling for pastors only? – 3:00
  • How do people with pastoral gifts fit in to local church ministry? – 4:32
  • What about the pastor who doesn’t feel called or qualified to engage in counselling? – 5:49
  • How do counselling and preaching complement one another? – 9:04
  • Why should a pastor make time for counselling? – 12:23
  • How should the church relate to other psychiatric healthcare providers? – 27:43
  • Where can someone find further resources? – 32:13

We also discuss how a church could corporately minister to someone with a complex psycho-social problem by thinking through a hypothetical case of a person with bipolar disorder – 16:31

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