My Resolutions for 2015

Another year, another set of resolutions. But this time I’m putting them out there in the public sphere in the vain hope that this year I’ll actually stick to them. Ask me this time next year if it worked. So here they are:

Listen to more music

Music is tonic to the soul. It is an expression of human vibrancy and creativity that flows from the creative mind of God himself, implanted on all of humankind, created as we are, in the image of God. Music ministers to us on a profound level because God made it to be that way, and so I resolve to embrace this gift and listen to more music, especially jazz which is particularly cool. I also want to branch out into the world of classical music. Any tips for a novice greatly received.

Read Reformed Dogmatics by Bavinck

I’ve enjoyed dipping in and out of Bavinck’s four volume masterpiece, Reformed Dogmaticsbut I believe this is one work that cannot be left on the shelf only to be consulted sporadically. In fact I’ve given myself a cheeky head start by beginning in November 2014 and so far so good.

Be Braver

Jesus was the bravest human being ever. He stood up to opposition, he loved those whom society considered unlovable, he went it alone, knowing that he would one day die a bloody and cursed death, but he bravely lived in full obedience to his Father anyway.

His bravery saved me – if he didn’t live like that, I (and the rest of the world) would be in deep trouble. Knowing his bravery saved me from my cowardice (that is, choosing the easy path of self-worship rather than God-worship) challenges me to emulate him. I want to love those whom society tells us we should avoid. I want to stand up to opposition with the humility and conviction that Jesus demonstrated. I want to chose obedience to God over personal preference just like he did.

So there you have it. My three resolutions for 2015.